About SAFI

The SAFI organization was founded in 1986 in Canada at the early phases of the developments of the Information Technology for the Construction Industry. The company is registered under a federal chart.

SAFI technologies have been developed incrementally for the global market place since over 35 years. Our products meet the highest standards of the market place and are continuously upgraded with new functions and versions for practically all structural applications. The company follows the new technological evolutions, the international standards, codes, recent scientific research, new operating systems, networks, compilers and the latest required to operate modern Software. For all software applications and tools that are produced, SAFI main trademark is INNOVATION.



Established in 1986, SAFI strives to develop structural software solutions meeting the highest standards of the industry aiming to increase users’ productivity.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a wide range of integrated, innovative and reliable technologies that will ensure better productivity and success to small, medium as well as large multinational organizations. For more than a quarter of a century, our mission has been serving our customers with innovative and technologically advanced structural software tools for almost all sectors of structural engineering.

Our vision

SAFI is a world leader in the technological field of structural engineering and provides the construction industry with state-of-the-art productive software technologies and tools. The company vision is to offer to the market place truly integrated software for the structural applications in civil engineering.


Visionary Leadership

Rachik Elmaraghy, Ph.D., Eng., FCSCE

Dr. Elmaraghy founded SAFI Quality Software Inc. in 1986 with the vision of providing the construction industry with state-of-the-art software tools. He is leading the innovative R&D work for the many technological products at SAFI. He is also guiding the consulting engineering services for the affiliated company StructureTech Network Inc.

Dr. Elmaraghy holds a B.Sc. from Cairo University and an M.A.Sc. from Toronto University. In 2008, he was granted a Ph.D. in Construction Engineering from the ETS University of Quebec in Montreal Canada for his significant research work related to solving the Interoperability problems that are facing the construction industry, and which led to the development of the Virtual Technologies for the full integration of 3D modeling, analysis, design, detail drawings and fabrication.

Dr. Elmaraghy has gained extensive industrial experience before founding SAFI™. He worked for two years at Pratt & Whitney, a United Technology company, where he carried out stress and vibration analyses of aircraft components. For another three years, he performed stress and vibration analyses, and structural design of diesel engines and electric generator structures at Bombardier. Dr. Elmaraghy then joined the Industrial Research Center of Quebec (CRIQ) where he was successively Head of the Vibration and Noise department, Head of the Testing and Evaluation department and Head of the Structural Dynamics department.


In June of 2016, SAFI’s President, Dr. Rachik Elmaraghy, has been elected a Fellow of the CSCE by the Society’s Board of Directors. "The CSCE awards program is administered jointly by the CSCE Honours & Fellowships Committee and by the CSCE Foundation Trustees (a Canadian registered charity) and funded by the generosity of CSCE members and others who support the Society’s mission. These awards are intended to recognize and encourage the pursuit of excellence. Members who have attained civil engineering excellence and who have contributed actively towards the progress of their profession may be elected as Fellows by the CSCE Board of Directors. With the designation of Fellow, CSCE seeks to acknowledge annually academic and practicing members, currently active or retired. " (REFERENCE, CSCE, www.csce.ca)

Based on 35 years of innovation

What We Do

Structural Software Solutions


Our Core values

Ability to listen.

Our success is driven by the ability to correctly understand our customers needs to resolve their problems.


Once we agree or promise, we deliver. It is simple and natural for us.

Aim to increase your productivity.

Our continuous R&D efforts ensure that we produce technologies with ultimate productivity functions.



We always do the right things for our customers and our employees.


We care for the safety of structural projects carried out using our technologies, for the interest of our customers and the well-being of our employees.


Communications are straightforward, up to the level of the company CEO when needed, ensuring our customers goals for project success and within schedule.


Our customers know that we are their reliable partners for the long run and the best to come.


We deliver technologies that are innovative and reliable. We know that quality products are produced by quality companies for quality customers.


We serve all customers equally, from practicing engineers starting business to the largest well established engineering organizations and government departments.


We ensure that the functions developed are simple to use irrespective of the internal complexity levels.


Our operations are essentially driven by business-to-business relationship and trust for long term mutual success.

The company has acquired extensive international experience in developing Software and Technologies that meets American, Canadian, European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and various international codes for most structural applications.

Our products are bilingual, french and english, and can be translated to any other languages. They support both metric and imperial units and run on several platforms and network installations. New structural applications based on specific international or local countries codes for Seismic Analysis and Design can be added to the company product line for target international markets. Organizations that need such developments, are invited to communicate with us.
SAFI™ is open to partner with established companies for the distribution of its products to specific market places around the globe.

Joining SAFI™ Reseller Program offers you access to the benefits you need to begin selling Structural Engineering Solutions to your prospects and customers. Adding our technology to your portfolio enable the expertise that can differentiate your organization from competitors. If you would like to inquire about becoming a SAFI™ Reseller, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.
Through partnering with various organizations and various governments and institutions, SAFI™ is looking forward to contribute significantly towards creating secure infrastructures design and construction projects that are sound, safe and reliable.

We will help you negotiate a partnership business with SAFI Quality Software Inc. helping you reach your goals and further increase your profits. Whether you are an individual engineer, company executive or government official, you are best welcomed at SAFI™ where we will listen to your needs and participate towards the solutions.