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General Structural Engineering (GSE)

Aluminum Structural Analysis and Design Software

General Structural Engineering (GSE)

Enhance your projects with precision and efficiency with the GSE Aluminum Software

A must-have engineering tool for structural engineers, enabling rapid design of aluminum structures according to the American AA ADM-2020 and the Canadian CAN/CSA S157 design codes.

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GSE Software

Enhance your workflow with the GSE Aluminum software

A robust technology built on a ribbon-based interface, empowering structural engineers with advanced capabilities for analysis and design of aluminum structures.

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Why buying the GSE Aluminum software?

The GSE Aluminum program allows to design according to the American code 2020 Edition of the Aluminum Design Manual published by the Aluminum Association (AA ADM-2020) and the Canadian CAN/CSA S157 design code. As an integral component of the General Structural Engineering (GSE) software suite, GSE Aluminum is the industry standard for the design and verification of aluminum structures of any type. The  graphical user interface of the GSE software allows to create, analyze and design large and complex models quickly and easily.

The GSE Aluminum software is another robust tool developed by SAFI Structural Software. Established in 1986, SAFI is a technology-driven company designed to empower engineers to tackle complex structural challenges with ease. With a rich history of 38 years of continuous development, the GSE Aluminum software stands as an example of innovation in the construction industry.

Optimize your workflow.

Explore the extensive features and functionalities of General Structural Engineering (GSE) Aluminum software. You will discover remarkable capabilities, user-friendly modeling tools, and robust analytical resources that empower you to tackle engineering challenges with enhanced efficiency and precision.

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Technical Specifications

Details key technical specifications, requirements, and standards. 

• American AA ADM-2020 (ASD and LRFD)
• American AA ADM-2015 (ASD and LRFD)
• Canadian CSA S157

• Standard shapes and parametric shapes (over 30 shapes available) including angles and polygonal tubes are supported

• Comprehensive library of standard aluminum grades

• Several design parameters can be calculated by the program

• P-Delta and Non-Linear analysis, Seismic Static, Seismic Spectral and Dynamic analysis

• The Redesign feature allows to test different solutions without requiring to run the analysis each time

• Classification, resistance and stability computations performed according to the specified aluminum standard

• Calculation of Compression, Tension, Bending, Compression-Bending, Tension-Bending, Shear, Torsion and warping, Slenderness

• Calculation of combined resistance of aluminum elements based on the results of a linear, P-Delta, non-linear, seismic or dynamic analysis

•  All parameters required to calculate the resistance of the elements such as unbraced lengths, buckling lengths, buckling factors, welding, slenderness limit and others can be customized either graphically or from spreadsheets

• Displayed graphically on the 3D model through color representation or presented numerically in spreadsheets and reports

• The program distinguishes two types of welds: End welds and In-span welds

•Each of these types of welds may be full (affecting the entire cross section) or partial (affecting a portion of the
cross section)

• Customizable, user-friendly, and exhaustive report generation in multiple formats including Word document and Excel worksheet 

• Generate executive report summary by printing the results for only the critical load combination

• Possibility to hide or dim a selection of elements of the model

• Allows for graphical or tabular editing of selected elements

• Animated graphical results, buckling and vibration modes

GSE Aluminum Structural Analysis and Design software

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Optimize workflow efficiency and achieve better results using a hybrid solution

The GSE (General Structural Engineering) software provides a powerful and flexible platform for structural engineers to streamline their design workflows and optimize design time.

The ability to run multiple material design simultaneously is a significant advantage offered by the GSE (General Structural Engineering) software. This feature provides structural engineers with enhanced flexibility and efficiency in their design processes. This means that engineers can work with different materials like steel, concrete, wood or aluminum within the same software environment. This flexibility allows for efficient design and analysis of structures that may involve various materials.

By integrating various design and analysis tools, GSE aims to help engineers optimize their design time. This efficiency is critical in today’s fast-paced engineering projects, allowing for quicker turnaround times and cost-effective designs.

Within the GSE (General Structural Engineering) software suite, GSE Timber is a specialized module that offers the capability to design and analyze timber structures, including light wood framing and engineered wood structures. It aligns with industry standards such as the 2018 National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction and the CAN/CSA O86-19 standards, ensuring compliance and precision in timber structural engineering.

GSE Timber provides the flexibility to work with two key types of timber structures: beam-column frames and light framing. The Light Framing package extends the Mass Timber features. This addition enhances the software’s ability to automate parametric generation, analysis, and design of bearing walls and shear walls, streamlining the design process for these critical components.

GSE Timber, with its robust capabilities for timber and engineered wood structural design, empowers engineers to efficiently create and analyze timber-based structures, while maintaining compliance with the latest industry standards. This versatile tool is critical for timber engineering professionals working on a variety of projects.

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GSE steel is a specialized software application integrated within the General Structural Engineering (GSE) software suite. GSE Steel is a powerful and versatile software tool for structural engineers and designers working with steel and composite steel-concrete structures. Its support for various design codes and parametric section shapes, along with its user-friendly interface and optimization capabilities, make it a valuable resource for efficient and accurate structural design and analysis.

GSE Steel supports multiple international design codes, including:

   – American AISC 360 (LRFD and ASD)

   – Canadian CSA 16

  – AISI S100-16 and CSA S136-16

   – European Eurocode 3 and 4

   – Indian IS 800

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The GSE (General Structural Engineering) software includes a powerful suite of tools for integrated structural concrete design, slab engineering, and slab generation.

GSE Concrete is a comprehensive module within the GSE software, enabling the design of concrete members under various conditions, including linear, P-Delta, non-linear, seismic, and dynamic analyses. This feature-rich component ensures precise concrete design for a wide range of structural scenarios.

GSE Concrete offers support for several international building codes, including the American ACI-318, the Canadian CSA-A23.3, and the Egyptian code ECCS 203. This ensures compliance with regional standards and regulations for concrete structural design.

The GSE Concrete software suite, with its comprehensive concrete design, slab engineering, and slab generation capabilities, empowers engineers to tackle diverse concrete-related projects efficiently and accurately, meeting industry standards and codes.

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GSE Aluminum is a specialized software application integrated within the GSE (General Structural Engineering) software suite used for the design and verification of aluminum structures of various types.

GSE Aluminum supports industry-standard design codes, including:

– GSE Aluminum complies with the 2020 Edition of the Aluminum Design Manual published by the Aluminum Association (AA ADM-2020)

– The software also adheres to the CAN/CSA S157 design code

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