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37 years of innovation

37 years of innovation - SAFI Advanced Structural Engineering Software

Established in 1986, SAFI strives to develop structural software solutions meeting the highest standards of the industry. The SAFI structural software program is based on 37 years of Research and Development, and delivers tremendous capabilities, intuitive modeling features and comprehensive analytical tools allowing to solve engineering challenges more efficiently.

Our R&D engineering team is devoted to providing our users a technology that continues to push boundaries year after year ensuring better productivity to achieve simple and complex structural projects. Each new major version provided yearly offers new features, enhanced capabilities and aligns with our vision to offer to the marketplace productive and truly integrated structural software solutions.

SAFI is committed to providing integrated, innovative, and reliable technologies aiming to increase productivity and success to small, medium, and large multinational organizations.


The SAFI end user coordinates will NOT be displayed on our website, names and any related information is treated as strictly confidential. End users allowed to use this section must have a valid maintenance agreement with SAFI for their licenses. Requests from users without a valid maintenance contract are likely to be discarded.

As long as your subscription is up to date, you can benefit from all new releases and therefore increase productivity, enhance efficiency and enable more reliable solutions to meet the unique challenges your business faces on a day-to-day basis.

To request the latest version available for your SAFI license, please complete this form. The link to download the software will be sent to the email address provided.