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Version 38

38 years of innovation

All-new ribbon-based user interface

This streamlined design offers a professional and intuitive user experience, empowering you to navigate seamlessly through all features and tools. The ribbon layout presents a structured and accessible arrangement of commands and options, enhancing efficiency and productivity in your workflow.

Version 38.0.2

As long as end-users are on a valid subscription plan, they will benefit from all new releases, aiming to increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and provide reliable solutions to meet the unique challenges businesses face daily.
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Committed to innovation.

Guided by a spirit of innovation, SAFI is committed to providing cutting-edge technologies that foster enhanced productivity and success across organizations of all sizes, from local engineering firms to global corporations, and government institutions.

For over 38 years, we have remained focused in our commitment to realizing this mission, as we continuously strive to advance innovation, eagerly anticipating to bringing forth further technological advancements in the years ahead. You can count on SAFI to deliver reliable, productive, and efficient structural software solutions, tailored to fulfill your specific structural requirements.

Each new version offers new features, enhanced capabilities and aligns with our vision to offer to the marketplace productive and truly integrated structural software solutions. As a result, our end-users continuously uncover innovative new features within the program, streamlining their project workflows and enhancing productivity.
Engineering Calculator

Engineering Wood Calculator

A must-have engineering tool for structural engineers, to streamline the verification process of wood beams and columns made of sawn lumber, timber, glulam and structural composite lumber under normal and fire conditions.