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Seismic and Dynamic Analysis

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March 16TH 2023 - Course FULL

Key Learning Objectives

Seismic and Dynamic analysis is an important component when it comes to Structural Engineering. This 7-hour course – Seismic and Dynamic Analysis – allows participants to know the theoretical bases of Seismic and Dynamic analysis and to know how to perform such studies in the SAFI Software environment.

Course Overview
• Frequency analysis: theory, definition of weights and masses, consistent and lumped mass matrix, participating mass, results, practical application (examples).

• Simplified seismic analysis: theory, seismic basic loads, seismic weight, code parameters, simplified seismic load, period of the structure, load combinations, center of mass and center of rigidity of structures, Analysis, notional load, capacity design, fictitious horizontal load, seismic deflection and stability of structure, practical application (examples).

• Spectral seismic analysis: response spectrum, spectral seismic load, damping, calculation method (CQC and SRSS), participation factor, modal results, base shear calibration, combining seismic loads with other loads, results, practical application (examples).

• Seismic time-history analysis: accelerogram, time-history analysis parameters, results, practical application (examples).

• Dynamic time-history analysis: Time-history analysis parameters, sinusoidal dynamic load, general dynamic load, random excitation load, results, practical application (examples).
Personal Development Units
Participants receive a certificate of attestation allowing them to accumulate eligible hours for continuing education.
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$500 USD // $650 CAD

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$425 USD per course // $550 CAD per course

Discounted fee for three (3) courses or more

$350 USD per course // $450 CAD per course

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