Variable anchorage slip in wood shearwalls

To enhance productivity of GSE Timber software’ users, the Anchorage Elongation Method can be defined as variable (tension only) and variable (tension and compression). The anchorage slip is calculated at each iteration according to the tension efforts at the anchorage locations.

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Highway Sign Structural Analysis and Design

Fatigue limit state

HSE users can efficiently set and edit all required fatigue parameters for the structure allowing to consider all applicable fatigue loads such as Galloping, Natural Wind Gust, or Truck-Induced Gust.

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Live load reduction

The live load reduction is available for the GSE steel, concrete, aluminum, and wood modules. The live load reduction will be applied to the columns of the structure.
Live loads can be automatically reduced according to the selected method. The software computes the live load reduction factor (LLRF) that will reduce the effective axial compression force in columns.

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Timber Structural Analysis and Design

Fire resistance of wood elements

The resistance limit states, under fire conditions, are calculated for large cross-section wood elements. To improve the productivity of GSE users, the elements cross-sections are automatically reduced during the limit state checks.

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Timber Structural Analysis and Design

Continuous tie down systems in wood shearwalls

To improve productivity of GSE Timber users, a new type of wood shearwall anchorage has been added. Continuous Tie Down Systems and their effects on the shearwall properties are now available in the GSE software. Standard libraries of continuous tie down rods are also readily available.

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SAFI Software - Structural Engineering

Slab on Grade

The soil-structure interaction is an important component in the design of a building or any structure in general. In order to enhance productivity of GSE users, an automatic slab on grade generation function is available.

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Steel Structural Analysis and Design Software

Torsion and warping

It is important to note that the torsional stiffness of an open section is function of the warping end conditions as well as the location of the torsional load. Thus, the distribution of the forces in the structure having members resisting torsion may differ whether this option is enabled or disabled.

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Punching Shear Analysis

The punching shear analysis is directly linked to any joints that has been defined as a slab support of type column in the concrete tab of a joint properties. By defining the geometrical properties of a slab supporting joint, the program will determine the shear perimeter around the support.

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Structural Aluminum design

Cold-formed steel design AISI S100 and CSA S136

The latest revision of the GSE STEEL DESIGN enables structural steel designers to design cold-formed steel members based on the North American specification for the design of cold-formed steel structural members covering Canada (CSA S136-16), the United States and Mexico (AISI S100-16).

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Animation Feature

Introducing the animation feature. SAFI allows users to animate results from different types of analysis such as:
-Static Linear Analysis
-Static P-Delta Analysis
-Buckling Analysis
-Natural Frequencies Analysis
-Seismic and Dynamic Analysis

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