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TSE Tower - Advanced Structural Engineering Software

Transmission Towers and Electrical Substations

TSE Tower - Advanced Structural Engineering Software

TSE Tower is part of the Tower Structural Engineering software. TSE Tower is a powerful and comprehensive Microsoft Windows program for the analysis and design of steel transmission structures such as transmission latticed towers and electrical substations according to the ASCE 10-15 standard. An extensive library of panel types allow for quick creation of the structure through parametric tools. The automatic generation feature offers a large library of panel, rigid connection and diaphragm prototypes.

The TSE Tower program also generates wind and ice loads automatically according to the selected design standard. The analysis and design results are presented numerically or graphically for all or part of the frame. The limit states results are presented by means of color charts. All design and geometric parameters are automatically calculated (slenderness ratios, force coefficients, etc.). These parameters may however be manually modified either graphically or by tables. Also, the TSE Tower program allows to group members sharing the same dimensions and attributes to ease the manual edition and results interpretation.

TSE Tower - Advanced Structural Engineering

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Learn about the features and functionality of the TSE  Tower – Advanced Structural Engineering software. You will discover tremendous capabilities, intuitive modeling features and comprehensive analytical tools allowing to solve engineering challenges more efficiently.

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The TSE Tower – Advanced Structural Engineering Software is specifically built to suit your tower workflow and optimize design time. With both graphical and numerical table definition of tower structures, you can design and complete projects faster than ever.

TSE Tower is a powerful and easy to use application for the analysis and design of steel latticed towers used in electric power lines including pylons and substation structures. Both self-supporting and guyed towers can be modeled.

Model complex structures
Substations can be generated easily by specifying the different columns and beams independently. Then, connecting the different structure parts using column-beam rigid connections. A large library of panels, column-beam rigid connections, and diaphragm prototypes allows to quickly create horizontal bracings and frames.

Automatic calculation of wind and ice loads
All design and geometric parameters are automatically calculated (slenderness ratios, force coefficients, etc.).
Analysis features

The TSE Tower performs automatic calculation of ice and wind loads as well as force coefficients according to:
– IEC 60826:2003
– CSA C22.3 No. 60826-10
– ASCE 74-2009
– NESC 2012
– User defined ice and wind profiles

Automatic generation of dead, ice and wind loads according to the following standards:
– ASCE 74-2009
– IEC 60826-2003
– CAN/CSA-C22.3 No. 60826-10

– Uniform wind pressure profile and uniform thickness ice profile.
– User-defined wind pressure profiles.
– United States county listings of design criteria for wind, wind with ice, and ice.
– Loading for joints, members including concentrated, uniform, trapezoidal and thermal loads.
– Loading for surfaces and finite element plates.
– Automatic calculation of drag coefficients, gust factors, topographic parameters and escalate ice thickness.
– Display loads graphically and detailed wind and ice loads parameters can be displayed in numerical tables.
– Automatic handling of tension-only members.
Automatic Tower generation

The TSE Tower toolbar contains the commands used to operate the TSE Tower program. The automatic model generator generates the full 3D model of any towers including the main members, diagonals, diaphragms and rigid connections.

The program also computes the beta angles, the slenderness ratios and the force coefficients. The Tower Generator automatically computes the wind loads and ice loads.
Design features

Pylon and substation design:
Automatic generation of transmission towers and substation structures including tower legs and bracings.
Flexibility to add horizontal bracings at any position along the tower.
Automatic generation of beam-column connections for substation structures.
V-Cable elements for insulator loads

Ice and wind load generation according to:
NESC 2012
ASCE 74-2009
IEC 60826-2003
CAN/CSA-C22.3 No. 60826-10

Available design provisions include ASCE 10-15 standard.
Members are checked against their ultimate strength in accordance with the selected code.
Design check include:
– Slenderness ratios
– Buckling length
– Tension
– Compression
– Connections (shear, bearing, block shear)
– Anchor rods

Anchor rod can be design checked for ASCE 10-15 and CAN/CSA S16-14 standards.
Calculation of the equivalent loads on footings.

Can optionally check members according to LRFD for:
– Bending
– Tension-bending
– Compression-bending
– Shear
– Torsion
– Warping

Profile optimization of selected members allows to test different section shapes, grade and material types.


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