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TSE - Tower Structural Engineering software

Tower Structural Engineering Software: Empowering Tower Structure Design

TSE Tower, an integral component of the Tower Structural Engineering (TSE) software suite, is a robust Microsoft Windows application tailored for the comprehensive analysis and design of steel transmission structures. It excels in the engineering of transmission latticed towers and electrical substations, aligning seamlessly with the ASCE 10-15 standard.

With an expansive library of panel types, TSE Tower facilitates rapid structure creation through parametric tools. Its automatic generation feature further streamlines the process, offering an extensive repository of panel, rigid connection, and diaphragm prototypes. TSE Tower stands out by automating the generation of wind and ice loads in accordance with the designated design standard. The results of the analysis and design can be presented numerically or graphically for the entire frame or specific sections, with color-coded charts for visualizing limit states.

The software automatically computes all design and geometric parameters, including slenderness ratios and force coefficients. While these calculations are automated, users also have the flexibility to manually modify them through graphical interfaces or tabular inputs. Additionally, TSE Tower supports the grouping of members sharing common dimensions and attributes, simplifying manual edits and results interpretation.

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Optimize your workflow for greater efficiency

Learn about the features and functionality of the TSE Tower Software – Advanced Tower Structural Engineering. You will discover tremendous capabilities, intuitive modeling features and comprehensive analytical tools allowing to solve engineering challenges more efficiently.

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TSE Tower - Advanced Structural Engineering Software

Enhancing Productivity with Key Features


TSE Tower has the flexibility to generate customized reports tailored to users’ precise requirements. This feature allows the creation of concise custom reports containing only essential information, thereby minimizing report size. Additionally, users can establish predefined report templates and save report layout templates for convenient reuse in other files.

Design new and existing towers

The design capabilities within TSE Tower offer an outstanding solution for both creating new towers and assessing existing structures when subjected to modified loads.

Create realistic graphics

TSE Tower boasts a user-friendly interface, a robust analysis engine, comprehensive design checks, and advanced visualization tools, rendering the modeling of complex towers a seamless process. With a modern graphical user interface, users can effortlessly achieve realistic visualizations of their models. Additionally, powerful edition features allow to model very complex and non-standards towers.

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Optimize workflow efficiency and achieve better results using an integrated solution

The TSE (Tower Structural Engineering) software provides a powerful and flexible platform for structural engineers to streamline their design workflows and optimize design time.

The TSE software is specifically built to suit your tower workflow and optimize design time. With both graphical and numerical table definition of tower structures, you can design and complete projects faster than ever.

By integrating various design and analysis tools, TSE aims to help engineers optimize their design time. This efficiency is critical in today’s fast-paced engineering projects, allowing for quicker turnaround times and cost-effective designs.

TSE Tower - Advanced Structural Software

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TSE Tower - Tower Structural Engineering software

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